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Large artwork 36" to 60"

Do you need a large piece of artwork between 36" and 60" in size?
then browse our large artwork gallery to find that special atwork.


Til we meet again (Patrick Haemmerlein)
The enchanted garden (Patrick Haemmerlein)
An old romance (Patrick Haemmerlein)
When I first came to this land (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Telling it to the daises (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Brain (roots & city) (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Standing somewhere (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Softly as in morning shine (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Fairy tale (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Blue bird of happiness (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Sitting on top of the world (Patrick Haemmerlein)
In the mood for Love (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Beats there a heart so true (Patrick Haemmerlein)
None but the lonely Heart (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Tell Me Love of thy Early Dreams (Patrick Haemmerlein)
For the beauty of the Earth (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Love's old sweet song (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Beautiful Dreamer (Patrick Haemmerlein)
One Promise Come True (Patrick Haemmerlein)
In My Dreams (Patrick Haemmerlein)
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