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large artwork 36" to 60"

do you need a large piece of artwork between 36" and 60" in size?
then browse our large artwork gallery to find that special atwork.


I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Patrick Haemmerlein) I only have eyes for you (Patrick Haemmerlein) I've got my love to keep me warm (Patrick Haemmerlein) Love is a many splended thing (Patrick Haemmerlein) Come where my love lies dreaming (Patrick Haemmerlein)
special pink spot (zeal harris) lamonte's story (zeal harris) breeda's story (zeal harris) dorian's story (zeal harris) women on pedestals (zeal harris)
baptism of girls (zeal harris) the haunting of jody and fee fee la bam (zeal harris) nubian queen's story (zeal harris) our brother our son (zeal harris) harvest series: 'spare parts factory' (zeal harris)
praylude to katrina (zeal harris) jihad, jihad series: 'day 1' (zeal harris) the circle (aka dupont circle) (zeal harris) tom lasley
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if you are looking for a unique contemporary piece of artwork of a particular size we have grouped our artwork into several size categories
     medium works - over 24"    |    large works - over 36"    |    Oversize works - over 60"