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Stephanie Visser

Water And Light, Walking On Sunshine, 2022 (Stephanie Visser)
Water And Light, Morning Sky Turns A Brilliant Pink, 2021 (Stephanie Visser)
Water And Light, Becoming (Stephanie Visser)
Between Heaven And Earth, The Space Inbetween (Stephanie Visser)
Between Heaven And Earth, Petrichor (Stephanie Visser)
Between Heaven And Earth, Nocturne (Stephanie Visser)
Between Heaven And Earth, No. 12125 (Stephanie Visser)
Between Heaven And Earth, It Never Rains In California (Stephanie Visser)
Between Heaven And Earth, Between The Light And Darkness (Stephanie Visser)
Untitled 1 (Stephanie Visser)
Montreat Series, Untitled #4, 2020 (Stephanie Visser)
Untitled 5 (Stephanie Visser)
Echo Series 2022, Still Water Reflections (Stephanie Visser)
Echo Series 2022, Pushing Back the Sea (Stephanie Visser)
Echo Series 2022, Graffiti (Stephanie Visser)
Echo Series 2022, Ancient Headlands (Stephanie Visser)
Untitled 10 (Stephanie Visser)
Echo Series 2022, Cora's Garden (Stephanie Visser)
Untitled 12 (Stephanie Visser)
Untitled 13 (Stephanie Visser)

Stephanie Visser, a native of southwestern Michigan, was educated at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Michigan. She continued her education in fine arts and painting at Western Michigan University and Pasadena College of Art and Design. Stephanie's painting originally began with traditional water color and representational work. Today her painting has evolved into abstract experimental and mixed media. She has been influenced by an interest in the environment through light, color and emotional context.

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