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Mary Lai

Her Voice (Mary Lai)
To The Moon (Mary Lai)
Dream Portal(ble) Golden (Mary Lai)
Good Eye (Mary Lai)
Shelvie Series Alphabet Bookshelf Artist Legogh (Mary Lai)
Shelvie Series Alphabet Bookshelf Fashion Legogh (Mary Lai)
Unlock Your Dreams Reflection (Mary Lai)
Eye See You (Mary Lai)
Dreamstate (Mary Lai)
The Limit (Mary Lai)
Better Together (Diptych) (Mary Lai)
Daydreaming (Diptych) (Mary Lai)
Dream Portal (Mary Lai)

Mary Lai is a multifaceted Korean-American artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her outlook is that "Art is a universal language that can speak to anyone" and her dreamer mindset is reflected in her vibrant contemporary artwork that aims to uplift and evoke emotion. Her diverse portfolio spans from paintings and mixed media art to digital creations, large-scale murals, and sculptures.
Mary has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and prior to her visual art journey, the seasoned designer built a career in New York for over a decade as a fashion accessories designer, including an award-winning namesake handbag collection.
With more than two decades of experience in art and design, Lai has collaborated with renowned brands such as W Hotel, HBO Max, Vayner x St. Jude, American Express, SXSW, NBA Lakers/InThePaint, Snapchat, and others. Her work has been showcased at prestigious art fairs and galleries around the globe, as she continues to push boundaries in creating impactful and meaningful art.

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