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Maeve Eichelberger

Yucca and Moth (Maeve Eichelberger)
Baby Blue (Maeve Eichelberger)
California Dreamin (Maeve Eichelberger)
Chaps (Maeve Eichelberger)
Electric Pony 1 (Maeve Eichelberger)
Electric Pony 2 (Maeve Eichelberger)
Half Seat (Maeve Eichelberger)
Hot Mess (Maeve Eichelberger)
Mirror (Maeve Eichelberger)
Mud (Maeve Eichelberger)
Reflections of a Sunset (Maeve Eichelberger)
Rodeo Ben (Maeve Eichelberger)
Tack Room Wall (Maeve Eichelberger)
Tallgrass (Maeve Eichelberger)
Territory (Maeve Eichelberger)
The Neon Desert (Maeve Eichelberger)
Turquoise (Maeve Eichelberger)

Maeve Eichelberger is a Colorado native, capturing both urban and rural lifestyles in her artwork. Passionate about collage, Maeve specializes in a new form of 3 dimensional collage. Using Plexiglass as a material for its modern, durable and transparent qualities, allowing her to explore layers more deeply. “I create multiple layers of experience that demonstrates the significance of observing life both sequentially and simultaneously”.
Maeve delves into the diverse energies of the Western world, drawing inspiration from lifestyle, nature, and textiles. Her goal is to pay tribute to the multitude of shapes and the rich history by crafting a three-dimensional representation, blending nostalgia and the allure of our evolving environment with a contemporary touch through innovative materials and techniques that bring a fresh perspective to the Western realm. By infusing her works with a sense of discovery and adventure, Maeve reignites the spirit of exploration in her art, offering new visions and perspectives of the Western landscape.
Having just displayed at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, California, as a featured artist in the 'Masters of the American West' exhibit, Maeve Eichelberger's works have also found homes in the prestigious collections of the Booth Western Art Museum and the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Englewood, Colorado, as well as in private collections worldwide.
Wallspace is thrilled to introduce and represent Maeve Eichelberger on the West Coast, bridging connections and sharing the artist's visionary values with a broader audience synonymous to Wallspace and the Wild West.

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