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Little Ricky

Vogue (Little Ricky)
Atomic (Little Ricky)
Rebel (Little Ricky)
Can Ewe Imagine (Little Ricky)
You are Bewetiful (Little Ricky)
Berty (Little Ricky)
Sheepmoji (Little Ricky)
Because of Ewe, 2019 (Little Ricky)
This is not my fucking birkin its my sheep knowckoff (Little Ricky)
Vogue (Little Ricky)
Anna (Little Ricky)
The McSheep, 2021 (Little Ricky)
The Jolly's (Little Ricky)
The Fly Five (Little Ricky)
The Flops (Little Ricky)
McSheep (Little Ricky)
Furla and Friends (Little Ricky)
Little Ricky (Little Ricky)
Sheep Camp, 2019 (Little Ricky)
El Bar Rocho (Little Ricky)

A California-based latin x queer street artist with uncommon discipline and work ethos in his practice, Ricky Sencion aka "Little Ricky" has been studying, developing, archiving, formulating his campaigns in the Street and gallery since 1998. As a gay male artist Ricky’s Pink Sheep are a part of the LBGTQ+ queer community and also the street art world. A huge art inspiration came from the biography of famous clothing designer, Alexander McQueen where the designer referred to himself not as the black sheep but as a "pink sheep". This began the turn to "Sheep" and his many characters Moonsters, starting as sticker art on the streets and now to complex layered canvases.

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