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Doblador De Estilo (Kar-Part)
Zuckerborg - Mark Zuckerberg, 2021 (Kar-Part)
Mind Of A Giant - Shepherd Fairey, 2020 (Kar-Part)
E-Tron Musk - Elon Musk, 2020 (Kar-Part)
To Obsolesence & Beyond - Steve Jobs, 2021 (Kar-Part)
Gee Wilkers Wrdsmth, 2020 (Kar-Part)
Who Loves Lucy, 2020 (Kar-Part)
Tank Painter, 2020 (Kar-Part)
Knot Today, 2020 (Kar-Part)
Try Jesus, Not Me (2020) (Kar-Part)
Rat Race, 2020 (Kar-Part)
Power Hungry, 2020 (Kar-Part)

Kar-Part is an LA native, mechanical engineer product designer turned street artist fueled by a growing frustration with socio-political, economic, and behavioral conditions.

His latest series, 'Totem Dolls’ begun in 2020 features a collection of dubious billionaires, fellow artists, and iconic historical figures. Each piece highlights the multitude of layers that define us as people - from the outermost flesh layer (the existential skin sack), to the caricature representation of one's personality, to the core level, that which motivates or drives us.

Using aerosols and stencils, all of Kar-Part’s artworks begin on the streets before expanding to limited and open edition works on canvas and wood panel.

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