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Joey Brock

Jordan Levi (Joey Brock)
Anonymous Orange Heart (Joey Brock)
August Truly (Joey Brock)
Beez Green Pop! (Joey Brock)
Beez Pink Pop! (Joey Brock)
Dean in Living Color (Joey Brock)
Donnie-Dillion Hybrid (Joey Brock)
Extra AF (Joey Brock)
F'Em (Joey Brock)
Gillian Maximalist (Joey Brock)
Jess in Pink (Joey Brock)
Jess (Joey Brock)
Jillian in Orange Pop! (Joey Brock)
Jillian Yellow Pop! (Joey Brock)
Past,Present (Joey Brock)
Samuel (Joey Brock)

Joey Brock is a mixed media artist whose contemporary portraiture is influenced by the human condition. The focus of his portraits is to celebrate diversity, self- love and bring greater visibility to people in the LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities as well as woman’s rights.

In 2018, Joey participated in the M.David & Co. artist residency in Brooklyn, NY. This was the genesis of his self-portrait, which was instrumental in finding his voice, and in turn, starting a social practice called the One-Portrait Project. The social practice involved interviewing people about their experiences with discrimination. He has engaged with more than 70 people, aged 20 to 90, from all walks of life. The interviews forced people to look at their personal experience with discrimination while reflecting on their impact on the world, then documenting it with the portrait. The choice to stitch the surfaces together with cotton embroidery thread on the Mylar pieces is deliberate, and a necessary architectural function due to the translucency of the material. The photographs are used to create captivating mixed media portrait collages. The end result becomes an iconic image of the subject that celebrates the beauty of their humanity.

Joey has a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and his work has been exhibited nationally over the past fifteen years. He is represented at Daisha Board Gallery, Dallas, TX, On Center Gallery in Provincetown, MA, Forré Gallery in Aspen, CO and WallSpace, West Hollywood, CA. In 2016 he was awarded third prize for artistic merit by juror Eric M. Lee, Director of the Kimbell Art Museum for the Artspace 111 3rd Annual Regional Juried Exhibition. In 2021 his work was selected for New American Paintings issue 156. Joey has been published in numerous publications including D Home, Luxe and Create Magazine.

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