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Joan Scheibel

Dress for Revolution, 2019 (Joan Scheibel)
Beginning 2 (Joan Scheibel)
Beginning 1 (Joan Scheibel)
American Dream 2018 (Joan Scheibel)
Battlefield 2018 (Joan Scheibel)
Beach Walk 2019 (Joan Scheibel)
Blue Print 2018 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #1 (Joan Scheibel)
March 2019 (Joan Scheibel)
Pick It Up Freddie 2018 (Joan Scheibel)
Rise Up! 2018 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #2 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #3 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #4 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #5 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #6 (Joan Scheibel)
MAESTRO #7 (Joan Scheibel)

Joan Scheibel works in layers, working from light to dark. She is often asked about her process which she feels is more than just a process but is a way of life. She sees people and things that move her in life, a shadow, a dance, a church or just everyday events. Scheibel takes these ideas and images and reimagines them on canvas. In her words, "Suddenly and finally, the image that grabbed me, is reconstituted to grab you. The universal eye."

Scheibel is a contemporary abstract painter currently living and working in Los Angeles. Scheibel received a full scholarship from the prestigious Otis/Parson College of Art and Design and would later study Illustration at Platt College of Design. Turning her attention inward for a more personal form of expression, Joan has pursued a fine art career for nearly a decade.

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