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Jacqueline Jandrell

Untitled (Diptych) (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Saturnalia (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Vigor (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Palpable (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Allure (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Shadow (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Movement (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Graffitio Movement (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Array (Diptych) (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Void (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Pandemonium (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Intrusion (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Bleu 1 (Jacqueline Jandrell)
The Score (Jacqueline Jandrell)
The Tempest (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Monsoon (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Untitled 4 (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Untiitled 01 and 02 (diptych) (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Untitled 05 (Jacqueline Jandrell)
Shattered (Jacqueline Jandrell)

Jacqueline Jandrell is an emerging artist who is South African by birth. She immigrated to the UK with her family after the loss of her Father and Grandfather. Becoming an immigrant affects everyone in different ways, and while young, this change of culture, country, and separation helped shape Jandrell as an artist.
As she does not identify as British or as South African, this "lack" of cultural identity tends to manifest in her paintings. Her paintings are abstract, visceral and intuitive, as she is drawn to the flexibility and ambiguity that abstraction. Painting is a form of honesty for Jandrell, it allows her to relax and feel centered, almost becoming a style of meditation.

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