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Gary John

Soup Can (Gary John)
Big Boy (Gary John)
Robot (Gary John)
Snoopy (Gary John)
Surf (Gary John)
Scooby (Gary John)
Felony (Gary John)
Jetson Spaceship (Gary John)
Monopoly (Gary John)
Toxic Mickey (Gary John)
Astro (Gary John)
Batman (Gary John)
Jackpot (Gary John)
Tweety Decay (Gary John)
Bob's Pop (Gary John)
Soup Can (Gary John)
Snoopy Kingdom (Gary John)
Dr. Suess (Gary John)
Taco (Gary John)
Spud (Gary John)

Gary John has been a street artist since 1985, originally from Seattle Washington, then moving to Venice Beach selling his art on the boardwalk for 10 years before exploding onto the world art market. Gary has now shown at Art Basel, Miami, New York Art Fair, Los Angeles Art Fair and in Europe. American pop culture and comic books inspire Gary's work equally.

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