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Medium Artwork 24" to 36"

We have a wide range of vibrant contemporary artwork available to purchase or rent between 24" and 36" in size.
our cleared artwork is ideal for motion picture and TV projects.


It's a Knockoff - Haring (Little Ricky)
It's a Knockoff - Frida (Little Ricky)
It's a Knockoff - Duchamp (Little Ricky)
It's a Knockoff - Damien Hirst (Little Ricky)
It's a Knockoff - Basquiat (Little Ricky)
Boom (Plastic Jesus)
Poise (Plastic Jesus)
Envy (Plastic Jesus)
Lay-In Drapeaux for Eric Garner & Radio Raheem (Zeal Harris)
Following Zora a.k.a Miss Hurston (study) (Zeal Harris)
Port au Prince, Hait (Zeal Harris)
Parable of a Kandake (Zeal Harris)
Grounded (Zeal Harris)
Username (Study) (Zeal Harris)
Target City (Zeal Harris)
Sandra Bland & El Chapo (Zeal Harris)
One Love Pulsating (Scott Froschauer)
Relax UR OK (Scott Froschauer)
You're The Bomb (Betsy Enzensberger)
Come Alive (Morley)
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