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Angela Stimson

video: Sartorial Brutalism (47 secs) (Angela Stimson )
video: Sacred (2 mins) (Angela Stimson )
video: In the praise of the lower class dandy (1:49 min) (Angela Stimson )
video: Facing epilepsy (2:05 mins) (Angela Stimson )
fuck off (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
I'll burn the heart out of you (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
3 days of ativan (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
Alchemy Unveiled (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
Blue remembered hills (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
Both ends burning (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
Can you see me now (digital cell print) (Angela Stimson )
Deja Vu (Angela Stimson )
Eat your lipstick (Angela Stimson )
England will fall (Angela Stimson )
Every fairytale (Angela Stimson )
I can't adult anymore (Angela Stimson )
I got lost in a book (Angela Stimson )
I should never meddle with my thoughts (Angela Stimson )
I'll burn the heart out of you (Angela Stimson )
Listening to Tom Waits (Angela Stimson )

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