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Amy Smith

Real Love (Amy Smith)
Carrie Fisher (Amy Smith)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg - Purple  (Amy Smith)
Kamala Harris (Amy Smith)
Movement in Dreams (Amy Smith)
Maya (Amy Smith)
Head in the Clouds (Amy Smith)
Winged (Amy Smith)
Fire Dancer (Amy Smith)
AOC (Amy Smith)
Fight for our Future (Amy Smith)
Nevermind-Neon (Amy Smith)
Nothing Stopping Me (Amy Smith)
I See Through You (Amy Smith)
Feeling Lucky (Amy Smith)
Golden (Amy Smith)
Love Is Love (Amy Smith)
Kate Kelton (Amy Smith)
Teal Clouds (Amy Smith)
Blue Rose (Amy Smith)

Amy Smith is a self-educated mixed media artist born in New Jersey now living in Los Angeles. Her inspirations vary from classic Van Gogh to hip hop to street art. In her Collage Portrait Series, Amy Smith uses photography from which she creates layers of hand cut stencils, spray painted and mixed with torn recycled fashion magazine and now neon into her art.

Activism is an integral part of her life and influences her work, her female portraits aim to empower and unify, creating a space to feel connected to oneself and to each other. She enjoys challenging the idea of excessive consumerism directed at women to manipulate their true sense of value. Her work destroys societies ideas of this fake reality and creates a brand new portrait of strong feminine culture.

Smith's mixed media collages have been shown at International Art Fairs - Los Angeles Art Show, Saatchi's The Other Art Fair and been part of auctions such as revered Julien's Auctions with artists like Mr. Brainwash, Shepard Fairey, and Andy Warhol.

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