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Ali Enache

Everythiong looks perfect from far away (Ali Enache)
I can tell you miss me (Ali Enache)
Elemental (Ali Enache)
High Tide (Ali Enache)
I don't like leaving (Ali Enache)
She looks like the real thing (Ali Enache)
Without a second thought (Ali Enache)
Awaken (Ali Enache)
Unfold (Ali Enache)
Forgiven 4 (Ali Enache)

Ali Enache is an American abstract painter based in Los Angeles, California. A Washington D.C. native and a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ali Enache worked as a designer and art director for over ten years. During the pandemic, she came back to her childhood passion for acrylic painting.
Ali’s works utilize her experiences in design to create her organic stain paintings. Her use of flowing acrylic paint mixed with water on raw canvas evokes a sense of serenity and delight as she explores abstract concepts that are simultaneously subtle and complex. Ali is particularly inspired by color palettes found in the natural world and her practice draws on the immense balance and healing she experiences in nature. Her beautiful color combinations on raw canvas produce vivid and layered compositions filled with emotion.

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