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Sean Finocchio

liquor store (Sean Finocchio)
Budget Motel (Sean Finocchio)
La Vida Stripe Mall (Sean Finocchio)
Super Taco (Sean Finocchio)
Tasty Donunt (Sean Finocchio)
Buddie's Tacos and Liquor Mart (Sean Finocchio)
Cold Beer (Sean Finocchio)
Slice Pizza (Sean Finocchio)
Tortas, Burritos and Quesadilla (Sean Finocchio)
Coco Frio (Sean Finocchio)
Red chile pork tamales (Sean Finocchio)

Photography has always been an important medium for Sean Finocchio and the emergence of digital has allowed him to develop
an eye and a style that are original. He loves to capture everyday subjects that might seem insignificant, and then manipulate the image, adding and subtracting until the end result is truly unique.
"It is the simple things in life that inspire me - a building, a song, an alley, a good meal. I'm a fan of clean lines and simple design.
I look for color, light, shapes, composition, and type - not necessarily in that order."

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