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ramon ramirez

live to love you (ramon ramirez) Calliope (She Is Love), Ramon Ramirez Untitled (Dream Chasers) by Ramon Ramirez Maybe The Darkness Is A Womb (Ramon Ramirez) 'Survivng is what we do', Ramon Ramirez
Untitled (For you I bleed myself dry) by Ramon Ramirez untitled (I will Wait for you) by Ramon Ramirez Untitled (You Say Darkness We Say No) by Ramon Ramirez untitled (we laugh like lovers should) by Ramon Ramirez Untitled (I found an island in your heart or Coronado Island) by Ramon Ramirez
Unntitled (Before I Wake) by Ramon Ramirez Untitled (Alive She Cried) by Ramon Ramirez Untitled (Landfall) by Ramon Ramirez Untitled (They Sleep) by Ramon Ramirez Untitled (Waiting for you to hear my song) by Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez born and raised in Los Angeles, with a background in architecture, the city has served as his muse from the onset.
His works capture the urban environment, not intending to replicate it but digest and to understand the trends and social conditions that it generates.
He is one of the featured artists in the book Contemporary Chicana/Chicano Artists. Ramon's paintings have been published in numerous books, journals and magazines.

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