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Philip Vaughan

Symmetry II (neon sculpture installation) (Philip Vaughan)
for Dan (neon sculpture installation) (Philip Vaughan)
Free fall (hanging neon installation) (Philip Vaughan)
Hachi VI II (neon sculpture installation) (Philip Vaughan)
Walker 1 (metal sculpture) (Philip Vaughan)
Pulling out (Philip Vaughan)
Serail (Philip Vaughan)
Triffid (metal sculpture) (Philip Vaughan)
New Starfield (Philip Vaughan)
Walking tall (Philip Vaughan)
Cool breeze (Philip Vaughan)
twinkle toes (Philip Vaughan)
Brighton beach (Philip Vaughan)
Tivoli (Philip Vaughan)
Trocadero (Philip Vaughan)
Lost in space (Philip Vaughan)
The Woes of the World (Philip Vaughan)
White Drawing #1 (Philip Vaughan)
White space (Philip Vaughan)
Stirstick (Philip Vaughan)

Vaughan has had a prolific career: from oversized public neon works shown on the Southbank in London in 1972, to a kinetics sculpture show at Hayward Gallery in London to his current charcoal and pastel works on paper, in the United States. Vaughan has also taken part in shows at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Serpentine Gallery, and the Walker Gallery in Liverpool.

Brought up by English parents in Sainte Addresse, Le Havre, France, he was sent to English boarding school at the age of 9. There he had the good fortune to meet Gordon Taylor, his first mentor at Brighton College who started him on a lifelong love of architecture, painting and sculpture.

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