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Patrick Haemmerlein

Manifest (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Dressy (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Spring song (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Let the earth breathe (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Under the apple tree (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Now temble nature (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Love's greeting (Patrick Haemmerlein)
There is No Greater Love (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Softly as in morning shine (Patrick Haemmerlein)
I will give my love an apple (Patrick Haemmerlein)
The lass with the delicate air (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Whispering hope (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Beginning (Patrick Haemmerlein)
All I do is Dream of You (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Beyond the Summit (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Beyond the blue Horizon (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Looks like rain on cherry blossom lane (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Earlier poem (Patrick Haemmerlein)
When I fall in love (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Neighbors (Patrick Haemmerlein)

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