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Patrick Haemmerlein

Let there be peace on earth (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Beautiful Dreamer (Patrick Haemmerlein)
An old romance (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Plunge (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Kind and eager (Patrick Haemmerlein)
From the beginning until now (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Misty mountains cold (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Far in the mountains (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Love me and the world is mine (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Memories of you (Patrick Haemmerlein)
The flowers that bloom in spring (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Telling it to the daises (Patrick Haemmerlein)
The enchanted garden (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Unfinished symphony (Patrick Haemmerlein)
You brought a new kind of love to me (Patrick Haemmerlein)
When I first came to this land (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Every moment of every (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Star system (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Heat wave (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Til we meet again (Patrick Haemmerlein)

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