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Untitled Diptych, 2019 (Olympio)
Untitled #20, 2019 (Kodjovi Olympio)
Untitled #18, 2019 (Olympio)
Untitled #16, 2019 (Kodjovi Olympio)
Untitled #5 (Olympio)
Untitled #6 (Kodjovi Olympio)
Untitled #14 (Olympio)
Untitled #13 (Kodjovi Olympio)

Olympio was born into a large family of eight children in Lomé, Togo, West Africa. Painting, for Olympio, is following a feeling. It is discovering the internal balance of a piece and recognizing beauty when it is unveiled, a happy accident. He scratches the canvas and uses paint straight from the tube. For him, there is no hidden story or elusive meaning behind each painting. It is everything and nothing. It is as simple as a heartbeat, as complex as a hurricane.
Olympio's work has been shown in Togo and neighboring countries and in Europe. Olympio moved to the United States in 2003 and has continued to paint and show his work in many galleries nationally and at international art fairs.

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