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Mike Habs

This is the New Shit (Mike Habs)
Holland 1945 (Mike Habs)
City of Angels (Mike Habs)
Lost in Hollywood  (Mike Habs)
I Only Lie When I Love You (Mike Habs)
Not if You were the Last Junkie on Earth (Mike Habs)
Royals (Mike Habs)
Trying to Find a Balance (Mike Habs)
Navigating the Windward Passage (Mike Habs)
Third Planet (Mike Habs)
Sweet Disasters (Mike Habs)
Long Division (Mike Habs)
Understanding in a Car Crash (Mike Habs)
Black Me Out (Mike Habs)

Mike Habs (b.1987) is a contemporary visual artist originally from Chicago's south side. Using urban art techniques against design methods, his work interprets punk rock music with vibrant abstraction.
Mike's work is centered on conveying "the intrinsic value of punk rock." Though punk had been a massive cultural movement in America, it was not until the late 90s-early 2000's where he argues it established a more tangible identity. His use of expansive urban aesthetics against architectural perspectives often communicates 'the chaos within.'
He is a very strong proponent of the Do-It-Yourself mentality and his inspirations derive from the works of Tony Fitzpatrick, Banksy, Moncho 1929, Casper Brindle, and Trey Anastasio.

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