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Melinda Mcleod

Edgardo the Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Platino the Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Romeo the Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Santiago the Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Beautiful Boy (Melinda Mcleod)
Brad the unicorn (Melinda Mcleod)
Black Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
cha,cha,cha (Melinda Mcleod)
Somerset the Black Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Thunder (Melinda Mcleod)
Domingo (Melinda Mcleod)
Tulip the pig (Melinda Mcleod)
Feloz the Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Mustango the Horse (Melinda Mcleod)
Bison Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Zuzu and Alica (Melinda Mcleod)
Cyprus the Copper Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Blue (Melinda Mcleod)
Hermes the Bull (Melinda Mcleod)
Tango (Melinda Mcleod)

Melinda has studied life and its movements, developing a remarkably keen artistic technique with her flowing expressionistic style.
She is an exceptional colorist working with landscapes, cityscapes and portraits, infusing her art with bold and brilliant pigments.
Her commissioned fine art can be seen in studios, theatres and private homes throughout the United States.

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