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mb boissonnault

Oil on canvas by mb boissonnault Oil on canvas by mb boissonnault oil on synthetic canvas by mb boissonault Wave (mb boissonnault) is it hot in here, or is it time
situational narcissism #3 (dark blue) nazare (oil on synthetic canvas) hot in heat hot in here 5 (oil on synthetic canvas) situational narcissism #4 (light blue)
Gray Blue Beach (mb boissonnault) grey beach 2 non standard time
the long winter soul boasting #1 California Mountains (mb boissonnault)

MB Boissonnault is a contemporary painter born in Massachusetts and now based in Venice, California. Boissonnault is a focused and prolific painter, having studied fine art formally at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, in Germany, where she graduated in 1995. Her technique features many studied layers of oil paint, inspired by the complex colors and textures of our environment and the atmosphere.

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