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kymm swank

Central Ave #3 Central Ave #7, Kymm Swank Central Ave #6, Kymm Swank Central Ave #6, Kymm Swank st. louis no. 2.1, by kymm swank
kymm swank, st. louis 2/6 Central Ave #6, Kymm Swank central ave #1 central ave #2 kymm swank, st. louis 2/7 (acrylic on wood panel with resin coating)
kymm swank, st. louis 2/8 (acrylic on wood panel with resin coating) st. louis 2.5 st.louis no 2 of 9 city structure #9 structure 22
structure 11 city structure viii structure 15 liminal 3 liminal 6

Kymm Swank is a self-taught artist who works primarily in oils, acrylics and resins. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, she received degrees in theatre, psychology and communications. The bold work she creates explores abstract forms, tight structure and inherent energy through line and color. She currently resides in downtown Los Angeles, where the architecture of the urban skyline offers constant inspiration.

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