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judy ragagli

magnificence 1965 twist & turn 1967 debutante ball tickled pink 1964 golden glory
fashion editor bubble cut (giclee 26 of 100) gala abend christy 1967 ken 1964
evening splendour golden groove winter elegance solo in the spotlight mood for music
commuter set platunum swirl riding in the park saturday matinee

Growing up, Judy Ragagli took great joy in self-expression through the visual arts; however, it was not until adulthood when
she fell under the tutelage of Paul Bedard that she began to seriously pursue her passion for oil painting.
During an intensive study Ragagli unleashed and honed her inner talent for creating stunning and life-like depictions in oil.
"I paint original oil paintings of nostalgic Barbie's circa 1959 to 1970.
I see her as possessing a soul and positive spirit; her true persona extends beyond the plastic facade."

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