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johnie thornton

arc of light (triptych) subsume flight pattern apeture evasion
seize end game fleeting

Johnie Thornton was born and raised in Southern California and is currently living & working as an artist in Los Angeles.
Johnie's work ranges from large format analog photography to photo realistic & pop painting.
His work is largely influenced by sociology, masculinity, sexuality and their relationship to nature. As a self taught artist Johnie draws inspiration
from life experiences and has developed a unique painting style while experimenting with many different mediums both traditional and unconventional.


if you are looking for a unique contemporary piece of artwork of a particular size we have grouped our artwork into 4 size categories
  small works - up to 24"    |    medium works - over 24"    |    large works - over 36"    |    Oversize works - over 60"