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Jen Zahigian

Pie Shop (Jen Zahigian)
Circus Liquor (Jen Zahigian)
Wonder #1 (Jen Zahigian)
Wonder #2 (Jen Zahigian)
Wonder #3 (Jen Zahigian)
Life in Lemon (Jen Zahigian)
Seaside in Blue (Jen Zahigian)
Sleepy Hollow (Jen Zahigian)
Adults Only (Jen Zahigian)
No Answer (Jen Zahigian)
Sky Ranch (Jen Zahigian)
America, Study No.14 (Jen Zahigian)
Farmhouse Motel (Jen Zahigian)
Prehistoric Pink (Jen Zahigian)
Wonder #6 (Jen Zahigian)
Wonder #8 (Jen Zahigian)
Line and Curve Palm Springs (Jen Zahigian)
Sunlight's Passage (Jen Zahigian)
Jungle House No. 2 (Jen Zahigian)
Palomino (Jen Zahigian)

Jen's love of photography began as a child, when her Grandfather, a photographer, gave her a camera.
However, it wasn't until she graduated from UC Berkeley that photography became a driving force in her life.
She loves to photograph America's worn-out, offbeat, and forgotten corners.
Working with color Jen takes ordinary scenes just a bit beyond our everyday view.
Many of her photographs depict California highway establishments and signage, revealing an appreciation for their dated aesthetic
and patina of rust and neglect.

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