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jen zahigian

pie shop beetle by jen zahigian tamalpais by jen zahigian valley of the moon apartments ornament, study no. 4 1/50
sunlight and yellow 4/50 prehistoric in pink 3/50 palm springs imperial 6/50 ornament, study no. 8 2/50 life in lemon yellow
wonder #5 ornate study #1 poolside niagra holiday motel circus liquor
pretty anyway you spell it motel bel-air color tv #2 sleepy hollow twin sands

Jen's love of photography began as a child, when her Grandfather, a photographer, gave her a camera.
However, it wasn't until she graduated from UC Berkeley that photography became a driving force in her life.
She loves to photograph America's worn-out, offbeat, and forgotten corners.
Working with color Jen takes ordinary scenes just a bit beyond our everyday view.
Many of her photographs depict California highway establishments and signage, revealing an appreciation for their dated aesthetic
and patina of rust and neglect.

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