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oversize artwork

looking for an extra large piece of artwork over 60" in size for that special project or location?
browse our oversize gallery to find that inspiring piece.


Maybe The Darkness Is A Womb (Ramon Ramirez) city structure viii (kymm swank) Peace Signs by Scott Froschauer Why are we so Cruel (Scott Froschauer) non standard time (mb boissonnault)
domestic recipes 2 (acrylic and collage on wood panel) untitled (diptych) by trevor norris perseus #5 (stephanie visser) perseus #1 (stephanie visser) perseus #2 (stephanie visser)
nsibidi's story (zeal harris) DARSHAN by rose masterpol Reina by rose masterpol Monoarch by rose masterpol heavens thunder (triptych) by rose masterpol
mothers purse (duane paul) daddy blows smoke (duane paul) toy train, broken tracks (duane paul) oil on synthetic canvas (mb boissonnault) Horizontal (Wood sticks Dowels, acrylic) by Philip Vaughan
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if you are looking for a unique contemporary piece of artwork of a particular size we have grouped our artwork into several size categories
     medium works - over 24"    |    large works - over 36"    |    Oversize works - over 60"