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Medium Artwork 24" to 36"

We have a wide range of vibrant contemporary artwork available to purchase or rent between 24" and 36" in size.
our cleared artwork is ideal for motion picture and TV projects.


Spring song (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Let the earth breathe (Patrick Haemmerlein)
The flowers that bloom in spring (Patrick Haemmerlein)
There is No Greater Love (Patrick Haemmerlein)
From the beginning until now (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Memories of you (Patrick Haemmerlein)
I would that my love (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Symphony No 2 (Patrick Haemmerlein)
You made me love you (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Till the clouds roll by (Patrick Haemmerlein)
Never Stop Dreaming (Plastic Jesus)
I Want to be a Celebrity (Plastic Jesus)
Don't Paint the Wall (Plastic Jesus)
Steve Jobs (Plastic Jesus)
Stop Making Stupid People Famous (Plastic Jesus)
Grafitti is a Crime (Plastic Jesus)
I Want to be a Celebrity (Plastic Jesus)
Envy (Plastic Jesus)
I Want to be a Celebrity (Plastic Jesus)
Credit Trap (Plastic Jesus)
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