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dan monteavaro / moncho 1929

Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs (Dan Monteavaro) Push and Pull (dan monteavaro) joyride monsters (dan monteavaro) Me and Ralph (dan monteavaro) This mountain wasn't big enough (dan monteavaro/moncho 1929)
Thanks for calling we're fine (dan monteavaro) The struggle to stope (dan monteavaro/moncho 1929) the slow march (dan monteavaro) american quixote (dan monteavaro/moncho 1929) dan monteavaro, wallspace la, deep end
jesus complex (dan monteavaro) Struggle (dan monteavaro) Crash (dan monteavaro) dan monteavaro, wallspace la, jump rope dan monteavaro, wallspace la, cardinal haze
rainey park (dan monteavaro aka moncho 1929) rhq (dan monteavaro aka moncho 1929) here and there (lightbulb) (dan monteavaro aka moncho 1929) idea machine (dan monteavaro aka moncho 1929) ink and acrylic on canvas (dan monteavaro aka moncho 1929)
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