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amy smith

Em on Fire (amy smith) make your own rules, by amy smith playing coy (amy smith) rise and shine (amy smith) The girl who waited (amy smith)
put in the work (amy smith) Breathless (amy smith) make noise (amy smith) live free (amy smith) Hold your Head Up (amy smith)
The Thinker (amy smith) Unite (amy smith) move fast, break shit (amy smith) unstoppable (amy smith) oh Hello there (amy smith)
sleep I remember you (amy smith) stay wild stronger together (mixed media collage and stencil on canvas, custom wood frame) made for greatness (amy smith)



if you are looking for a unique contemporary piece of artwork of a particular size we have grouped our artwork into 4 size categories
  small works - up to 24"    |    medium works - over 24"    |    large works - over 36"    |    Oversize works - over 60"